Monday, July 30, 2012

Back from Boston!

I got back from my trip to Boston yesterday and it's bittersweet. I am glad to be home with my family, but I do miss being in my favorite city. It's okay though because I am moving there in less then a month!

I was happy to have some letters waiting for me when I walked in the door.

I apologize for the terrible picture quality. The light blue one is from April I. in WI. The purple and gold one is from Andrew R. who is my orientation leader for college! That letter was a bit of a surpride. The silver one is from Kat B. in AZ. 
I had a great time reading them and I can't wait to sit down and devote my time to write back. 

I also got some post cards(:
That one is from Stephanie who is vacationing in Paris at the moment. I was so excited that she sent me a postcard!
That one is from my music teacher who works at the high school I just graduated from. He is on a trip to Madrid right now.

As you can see, I came home to some goodies(: 

I have started collecting postcards recently and was very eager to go to antique stores when I was in Boston. My friend Sarah and I found the Cambridge Antique Market online and decided to check it out. IT IS AMAZING! Anyone and anything who goes to Boston and likes antiques must go there. This is what I bought:
The polaroid was $8.00 and came with a case and I got 100 postcards for $14.00!! I was so excited. When I went through them a little less then half were written on, and those are the ones I like to collect so I was very happy. They date all the way back to 1906.

I read Youth in Revolt by C.D. Payne during my trip and it inspired me to start a journal. I bought this at Walmart last night(:
I haven't written in it yet but I plan to tomorrow. I love it and can't wait to fill it up.

I will hopefully post again tomorrow with my outgoing letters. Have a good day(:



  1. That's so cool that your orientation leader sent you something! Did he know that you write letters? I'm glad the postcard got to you, that sucker traveled fast!! Love that you are starting a journal too :D It's as addicting as writing letters. I sent a letter to you yesterday...or some day, I can't remember haha but it should arrive sometime soon!

  2. Yeah, I was very surprised! And no he didn't. I am excited for your letterr, I have happy news to tell you:P