Monday, August 6, 2012

Busy mail day 8/6

Hello everyone!(: I hope everyone is having a great summer!
Since I've got back from Boston I've had a lot to send out but no stamps, so I finally got out today and sent everything.

Lauren W. in Florida, Kat B. in Arizona, Yana in Utah, and Megan B. in Virginia.
Martina K. in Germany, April I. in Wisconsin, and Jenny P. in Finland and the vintage postcard is to my Aunt Cheri(:

From Jenny P. in Finland, Yana in Utah, and Lauren W. in Florida. :D

I recently joined postcrossing so i've been sneding and receiving postcards too (:
To Belarus, China, and the US.


From New York, Massachusetts, Ukraine, Germany, and Singapore.



  1. I'm happy my letter arrived safely! It's cool to see my own-sent letter here LOL xD anyway, can't wait to receive your letter again !

  2. Sorry if it ruins the surprise of the envelope:/ And yeah it is cool(: It's fun getting comments on my posts too(: