Sunday, October 14, 2012

Antiques and late mail.

Hello again!
I've been very bad at posting and writing lately. I went home for a break last weekend and have been doing a lot of homework since.

Here are some out going from last week, but I didn't talk pictures of all of it because I forgot ):
I this one went to France, I made the weird envelope from a magazine at my school.  

Sorry this is sideways! These went to MA and I forget where the other one went :P
I also forgot to take pictures of my incoming, but maybe I'll remember for my next post!

Not a piece of mail, but mail related! This is in the Library at my school(:

I took a trip to the Cambridge Antique Market today because I want to buy something for my new steampunk character. I've always loved the look of steampunk but I just started buying my own things and I want to start reading steampunk literature. Anyway these are a few things I bought.

Simple mug for coffee in my dorm, and these AWESOME goggles. They come with extra clear lenses and dark ones too. This is my FAVORITE purchase of the day. They don't have a strap though so I have to work on finding one. 

I also bought Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album which I am listening to right now(: These post cards were only $5.00and it came with 55 all written on! I can't wait to go home to PA and add them to my postcard collection. I think I will have over 100 that have been sent.  
Thanks for reading! 

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