Thursday, October 25, 2012

Upsetting mail week.

This is just a short update but I haven't had a great mail week.. wait, not just week, MONTH. I have not gotten a single letter (other than from my mother) in an entire month. Where is everyone?):

Oh and I just bought 20 stamps and left them in TJ Maxx. 

Not a good time for me and mail. Hopefully I will get a letter today to cheer me up. 


  1. I´ve sent you my letter about 2 weeks(?) ago.
    But it hadn't arrived yet?! I'm not sure whether I sent it on priority or economy class though..
    Hope you will receive some mail soon ^,^
    And plz let me know if you won't receive my letter in a few weeks so I know to re-sent it!

  2. Hey Emily,
    I haven't heard back from you about the advent calendar swap. Did you receive my mail with your partners information?
    I hope you are alright!
    Take care,